Kaulai Park

- Jul 12, 2017-

Also known as descending gall ning. The drug is a anion exchange resin.

[Commonly used dosage]10-20g/times, 1-2 times/d. The efficacy and side effects are basically similar to those of the test, but are cheaper.

(iii) allyl amine (divistyramine)

It is a kind of anion exchange resin with pharmacological effect.

[Commonly used dosage]6-12g/d. The blood lipid-lowering indications and side effects of the drug were similar to those of the test, but the clinical application was not as good as the Kaulai of the amine.

The resin cholic acid integration Agent was used for the study and application of Kaulai in foreign countries, and used as a front-line drug for TC. Domestic used in the examination of amines, are dependent on imports from abroad, the price is expensive, combined with large dosage, taste poor, and easy to cause constipation, so only in a few large hospitals have been used in individual special cases, only sporadic clinical experience.

Domestic Nanjing Stone Hill Pharmaceutical Factory has been able to produce the test of amines, and by the Zhenjiang Medical College affiliated hospital to 164 patients with hyperlipidemia daily domestic test of 16g, and 94 patients with hyperlipidemia daily dose of fenofibrate 300mg, a 2-month comparative observation. The results showed that the TC, LDL, TG and tc/hdl-c were decreased 25.1%, 42.2%, 4.8% and 37.3% respectively compared with the prior treatment. HDL Rose 17.5% (except tgp>0.05, the remaining p is 0.01). TC, LDL, tc/hdl-c and HDL were significantly better than Fenofibrate Group (p 0.01).