Clofibrate Ester And Phenoxy Acetic Acid

- Jul 12, 2017-

Clofibrate in recent years, the discovery of some of the derivatives of ketamine, can maintain its blood lipid and other advantages, and the occurrence of gallstones and other side effects significantly reduced. These derivatives have a greater difference in the ability and dosage of regulating lipids. such as: Lifibrate (Lifibrate) also known as New Right Ming, chlorine (alufibrate) and double Bette (simfibrate); Yi-Multi ester (etofyllineclofibrate) also special lipid-regulating (doulip), Bezafibrate (Bezafibrate) also known as lipid-lowering; there are two kinds of long-acting benzene bezafibrate, the product name is essential lipid-lowering sustained-release tablets (bezalipretard) and lipid camping; Fenofibrate ( Fenofibrate) also known as lipanthyl fat (lipanthyl), and other similar to the drug in the chemical structure of the gefitinib Betsy (Gemfibrozil), also known as Connaught (Lopid), Xiang Jiangno title, Conley fat, clean fat (gemnpid).