Clinical Application Of Blood Lipid Lowering Drugs

- Jul 12, 2017-

The effect of neomycin and-glutamine on toxicity was unsatisfactory, this type of resin, in the intestines and bile acid is not reversible binding, and this type of resin in the intestines can not be absorbed, so that bile acid from the intestinal absorption decreased, with the feces from the intestinal bile acid increased, thus promoting the liver cells to increase bile acid synthesis. Because cholesterol is the raw material of hepatocyte synthesis of cholic acid, the increase of cholic acid, the consumption of cholesterol in hepatocytes increases, the amount of cholesterol in hepatocytes decreases, and the cell membrane accelerates the synthesis of LDL receptor by the feedback mechanism. Increase the number of LDL receptors in the liver cell membrane, enhance the activity, to more with the blood flow of the LDL binding, and intake of liver cells for metabolism, and finally reduce the blood LDL, the LDL weight of about 45% is cholesterol, thus the serum LDL and TC level decreased. In addition, from the intestinal absorption of cholesterol in the process, the need for bile acid emulsification, cholic acid resin adsorption with feces from the intestinal discharge, will affect the digestion and absorption of cholesterol from the gut. Thus, after taking resin, general TC can be reduced $number, LDL can be $number, TG slightly increase or no significant change, HDL may have a moderate increase.