Cholic Acid Integration Agent

- Jul 12, 2017-

The common lipid-lowering mechanism of these drugs is to prevent the absorption of cholic acid or cholesterol from the gut, to promote the excretion of bile acid or cholesterol with feces, and to promote the degradation of cholesterol. This kind of medicine has the resin, the new mildew element type, the Gu gu alcohol and the active carbon and so on. Neomycin and glutamine have been eliminated because of the bad side effect or the unsatisfactory effect. The exact efficacy and safety of activated carbon have been tested for clinical use. It is reported that there are more anionic alkaline resins in clinical application. This type of drug is suitable for any type of hypercholesterolemia except for homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). Invalid for any type of high triglyceride syndrome. Mixed hyperlipidemia with elevated serum total bile (TC) and triglyceride (TG) should be combined with other types of lipid-lowering drugs to be effective. The main cholic acid integrin was choiestyramine, also known as Kaulai (Coiestipol), also known as the reduction of biliary-ning, and the ground-dimensional amines (divistyramine) were all resins.