2018 Shanghai CPHI Exhibition

- Jul 02, 2018-

From June 20th to June 22nd, 2018, Fuertai has organized several dept: marketing department,  supply department,R&Ddepartment, and management department were led by Chairman Wu to participate in CPHI SHANGHAI 2018 hosted in the Shanghai New International Expo Center. In this exhibition, our company set up a special exhibition stand for the first time , a TV that broadcasts the company's promotional videos, etc., which well publicize the company's business and displayed the company's image.

At this 2018CPHI, the exhibitors performed their duties and worked in harmony to complete the exhibition successfully.

Chairman Wu personally met customers introduced by salesman to discuss the details; he had a good communication with many customers and understood the latest developments in the industry.

Marketing Department: Visited or met several domestic and foreign cooperation or potent customers, and actively develop new customers;

Supply Department: Actively looking for new suppliers, meeting with customers, and maintaining good customer relationships;

R&D Department: Carefully reply customer's questions about technical aspects of the product and demonstrate the company's independent research and development professional image;

Management Department: Actively cooperate with salesman for customer reception work.

With the serious preparation and active work of the exhibitors, this exhibition 2018 Shanghai CPHI was successfully launched and successfully completed!