What is the difference between tenofovir and entecavir?

- Nov 20, 2017-

Tenofovir and entecavir are regarded as first-line anti-hepatitis B virus because of their strong antiviral activity, low resistance and good safety, and Pegasys in interferon. Comparison of two drugs without the same clinical trials, strong and weak, it is difficult to assert.


Twenty randomized controlled clinical trials were selected, and statistically analyzed meta-analyzes were performed. In patients with HBeAg (+) for 12 months and with HBV DNA <1000 cp / ml, tenofovir: entecavir was 88%: 61%.


Entecavir treatment of antiviral effects in poor cases (refer to the treatment of 1 year virus down to the fourth power no longer declines, accounting for about 10%), to tenofovir often make HBV DNA rapidly negative. In daily clinical application, many scholars have mentioned that tenofovir is by far the most potent nucleoside drug.