Tenofovir compared with adefovir, how much to improve the efficacy?

- Dec 25, 2017-

Tenofovir compared with adefovir, how much to improve the efficacy?

Tenofovir daily dose of 1, 300mg, because of the larger dose, oral no special requirements.

Tenofovir is similar to adefovir and belongs to the nucleosides, both of which are similar in nature but differ in potency (in part due to the fact that adefovir is used nowadays for only the best nephrotoxic effects One-third of the dose).

International clinical trials conducted in 2008 compared with 12-month treatment with adefovir: Virus-negative (<< / FONT> 400 copies) Tenofovir was found in 93% of patients in the "Little Sanyang" Only .63% of Fowei; 76% and .13% in the "big three positive" patients, tenofovir is much better than adefovir.

However, as nucleoside drug common, serum E antigen is converted to E antibodies are very low, tenofovir 1 year only a little more than 20%, adefovir less than. HBsAg negative very little.

In a multi-drug clinical trial reported in the United Kingdom in 2010, the probability of getting negative for HBV DNA was significantly higher for tenofovir, a nucleoside that was considered more antiviral.

All clinical trials in the treatment and treatment of patients lost during follow-up, are considered invalid, so the effect is low. I myself have used dozens of outpatients in the past six months, mostly in normal liver function within three or four months. In less than one year, the virus can turn negative.