Slow hepatitis B virus why tenofovir preferred

- Dec 05, 2017-

Slow hepatitis B virus why tenofovir preferred

First, tenofovir on chronic hepatitis B (Sanyang or Sanyang) have a good effect. Hepatitis B virus nucleic acid (HBVDNA) negative rate of more than 95%.

Second, the clinical resistance rate and mutation rate is low, even three years were found no mutation resistance.

Third, the hepatitis B virus surface antigen negative or titers dropped more than 20%.

Fourth, the patient in the course of taking medication, accidental pregnancy, the drug has no effect on the fetus, and has been included in the preferred drug blocking mother and child.

Fifth, cheap, reduce the financial burden on patients.

Six, combined with interferon, relapse rate after stopping low (compared with similar antiviral drugs), to achieve the highest clinical cure rate.

Seven, withdrawal, the disease recurrence, reuse is still good effect.

Eight, less side effects, clinical application Three years, did not find any side effects. Liver disease with nephropathy can still be applied.

Nine, other anti-hepatitis B virus drug-resistant, preferred tenofovir.