Principles of drug use in lowering blood lipids

- Jul 12, 2017-

First, hyperbilirubinemia cholesterol patients, for patients with hypercholesterolemia, according to their own serum cholesterol levels, the choice of different cholesterol-lowering drugs. If it is mild and moderate hypercholesterolemia, cholesterol level of 5.7-9.1 mol/Liter, can be selected in small doses of statins, including Xuezhikang, can also be used to test the pan-parathion, elastase, nicotinic acid, fenofibrate and Betsy; if it is serious cholesterol, cholesterol level 9. 1 of MOL/L or refractory hypercholesterolemia, such as familial hypercholesterolemia and severe hypercholesterolemia secondary to nephrotic syndrome, should be selected as a combination of cholic acid and statins (including Xuezhikang) or the combination of these two drugs; homozygous family of hypercholesterolemia patients, can be preferred probucol, non secondary to diabetes mellitus, can also be used to use Xuezhikang, nicotinic acid or niacin and cholic acid integrated agent. Second, high glycerol three-vinegar blood drug for patients with high triglycerides, should be based on glycerol 300 aim level, choose the Betsy, Fenofibrate, Yishen vinegar, tamoxifen, benzene bezafibrate, nicotinic acid or sea fish oil preparation; with high blood coagulation tendency, unstable angina pectoris and patients who had been implanted with coronary artery stent, the choice of fenofibrate and bezafibrate can reduce the fibrinogen content in blood and enhance the anticoagulant effect of the body. If it is secondary to diabetes in patients with high triglycerides, you can choose from amoxicillin, fenofibrate and benzene bezafibrate.