How does Tenofovir be used to adjust the dose in patients with renal insufficiency?

- Aug 23, 2018-

Tenofovir is not directly metabolized by the liver cytochrome P450 enzyme, but is directly filtered through the glomerulus or excreted via the renal tubule. Therefore, patients with chronic kidney disease need to have a condition

Tenofovir antiviral therapy must be chosen and its Tenofovir needs to be reduced according to Ccr. The drug reduction program for Tenofovir in adults with chronic kidney disease is shown in the table below.

Table 1 Recommended recommendations for Tenofovir medication interval adjustment in adults with chronic kidney disease

Ccr (ml / min)

medication interval adjustment

Ccr ≥ 50

regular dose, 1 time / 24 h

30 ≤ Ccr < 50

conventional dose, 1 time / 48 h

10 ≤ Ccr < 30

 conventional dose, 1 time / 72 ~ 96 h

Hemodialysis patients

 the usual dose, about 1 time / 12 h cumulative dialysis time