Tenofovir Technical Improvements

- Jan 02, 2018-

The most important classes of antiviral drugs in the pharmaceutical market are the open-cored nucleosides, which have received widespread attention because of their advantages such as low toxicity and low tolerance, and the like Drugs have a strong killing effect, therefore, open-loop nucleoside antiviral drugs play an important role in the pharmaceutical market. Tenofovir, as a novel open-chain nucleoside antiviral drug, has a good effect, especially for retrovirus and hepatitis B virus, and can effectively inhibit both. Tenofovir is also tolerated, allowing it to be used in the treatment of HIV-infected individuals. As people continue to delve into tenofovir and its technology is gradually improving, this article will analyze the technological advances in tenofovir with the aim of promoting the development of antiviral drugs.