- Jul 12, 2017-

Also known as clofibrate Ester, clofibrate, coronary heart flat, CPIB and atromid-s. is one of the earliest applications of this type of drug. The drug was used in clinical practice in 1962 and has been extensively used in the early years. Ketamine is well absorbed in the body and quickly hydrolyzed into the live production of Chlorobenzene butyrate. In 1.5-4 hours after taking the medicine, the CPIB concentration reached the peak, and about 95% was associated with plasma protein. After oral administration, 85% of the drug is excreted by urine, in which 92%-98% is combined with water-soluble glucose and glyoxylic acid. The placenta can be excreted by the milk.

It is mainly by inhibiting adenosine cyclic enzyme, reducing the camp content in fat cells, inhibiting the hydrolysis of adipose tissue, reducing the content of fatty acid in blood, resulting in the VLDL synthesis and secretion of liver. At the same time, it can enhance the activity of lipoprotein lipase and accelerate the catabolism of VLDL and TG. These vldl, TG, LDL and TC decreased in blood. In addition, it can reduce the amount of TC in blood by inhibiting the synthesis of cholesterol by hepatocytes and increasing the excretion of cholesterol from the intestine.