Clinical significance of the universal thiamine

- Jul 12, 2017-

It is also known as pant, and its molecular structure is composed of COA. Animal experiments confirmed that it can promote the normal metabolism of lipids, improve fatty liver and alcoholic toxic liver damage, inhibit the formation of lipid peroxidation and platelet aggregation, but also prevent cholesterol in the blood vessel wall deposition. After many years of clinical application at home and abroad confirmed that oral 0.2g/times, 3 times/D, TC 5.2% 115. $number, TG down 23.6% 131. $number, HDL + 10% 20.5%. The clinical evaluation of the effect of trans-thiamine on the regulation of serum lipids was carried out in the hospital of Beijing Fu Wai Cardiovascular disease with self control and double-blind randomized placebo control. The results showed that the extent of TC, TG and HDL in the pan-thiamine was similar to that in foreign literatures, and it was confirmed that the content of serum TC and TG could be decreased meaningfully by the HDL, while the level of serum levels was significantly increased after the medication, but the placebo also changed. As a result, the significance of HDL is still to be clarified.