- Jul 12, 2017-

Also known as oxygen methyl pyrazine, le fat Flat (olbetam). is a new synthetic nicotinic acid derivative. In recent more than 10 years, the pharmacological and clinical efficacy and safety of this medicine have been studied and reported in clinic.

The drug absorbs rapidly after oral administration, and the plasma concentration reaches the peak within 2 hours after serving, and the half-life is 2 hours. ASIMO division and Plasma protein binding, almost constant excretion from the urine, mainly in adipose tissue, inhibit fat tissue release of non-ester fatty acids, reduce TG, VLDL and LDL generation. By activating lipoprotein lipase and accelerating the degradation of VLDL, the plasma HDL level was increased by inhibiting the liver lipase. Thus, its application range is similar to nicotinic acid. Compared with nicotinic acid, it has the following advantages: ① has no initial effect, long half-life; ② has a long duration of anti fat decomposition, strong performance, no more than the reverse jump phenomenon of ester fatty acid; ③ can significantly improve glucose tolerance, can reduce fasting blood sugar around 15%, does not interact with oral hypoglycemic agents, so it can be used in diabetic patients; ④ does not cause uric acid metabolism changes, can be used in patients with hyperuricemia, ⑤ appears liver transaminase is very few; ⑥ after taking the facial flushing and skin pruritus symptoms only about 6%, Significantly less than those who served nicotinic acid. According to foreign data, more than 1000 cases of hyperlipidemia patients, after serving Asimo Division 2 years of results showed that TC $number, TG $number, HDL + 20%.